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Government Correspondence

… aka Intake. Because so many people are receiving letters from the IRS, the PA Dept of Revenue, etc. and coming to us for help, we’ve actually created a department to take care of it. Letters from the government can be confusing and sound scary, even threatening at times. Do Not Panic. This is what we’re here for.

If you’ve received any official letters from the IRS (such as CP2000, CP501, CP11, CP504 or LTR 5071C—the most common) or PA Dept of Revenue, simply bring it to us. It may be nothing more than them requiring a copy of something be faxed, an additional form printed and mail, or, as we’ve recently found out, just completely wrong (The IRS recently told the collective group of annual accounts in attendance at the forums that a rather high percentage of letters going out were incorrect and shouldn’t have been sent.). We will have you sign an 8821 which authorizes us to speak for you, should we need to contact them directly or gather more information regarding your taxes from previous years or if you haven’t filed with us before, and then we’ll put the issue in the capable hands of our intake staff.

If you have received letters and ignored them and are now getting letters from the AUR office, or the dreaded levy threats (CP504 et. al.), contact us immediately. Once the AUR office has been involved, it makes it more difficult to work through as there are multiple agents dealing with the same issue, but not necessarily from the same office.

Why worry yourself sick and lose sleep over a letter that may sound much scarier than it is? Let us do what we do, so you can get on with your life…

For more information about what we can do for you, email David or call us at 717.757.5482