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Anyone can log in and do their taxes online, but are you getting all your deductions? Will that program be there to stand by you when the government has questions? And what happens if you don’t know to include something—the program won’t tell you it’s an option if you don’t know about it.Those are just a couple of the reasons you should have a live person do your taxes. We will not only use what information you bring us, we will make sure you’ve gathered everything you need to get the best refund possible, to pay the lowest amount of taxes possible, and to be able to sleep at night knowing you were not just a number or a user on the other side of the screen—you’re part of the family.

To ensure that your financial records are consistent, we comply with IRS & FASB reporting requirements. We prepare and electronically file, on a quarterly/yearly basis: federal, state(s) and local, whether it be for Personal Income 1040, Partnerships (Single & Multi Members) 1065, C Corp and S Corp 1120, or Non-Profit Organizations 501(C)(3).

We offer year-round tax preparation, whether is be electronic or paper, current, past or amendments. Whether you’re a new client or a familiar face, please feel free to use our handy Tax Organizer to get you ready for the season. Available in PDF format.

Why worry about missing something on your taxes, or needing help after you’ve finished them? We’ll count the beans, and fill out the forms, and file the documents… you enjoy the coffee!

For more information about what we can do for you, email David or call us at 717.757.5482