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"ASY provided tax, accounting and payroll services for us for 21 years. They successfully managed our complex payroll system of over 70 employees (over 300 checks per month) with variable hours and rates, deductions, cafeteria benefits, etc., on time, every time. I would unhesitating recommend ASY because they are extremely ethical, they do an excellent job, they’re very personable and friendly. They’re always very concerned that they do an excellent job and that they do it right, and they do.

David and Galen are just great to deal with; they’re excellent communicators. They’re very accommodating and responsive; they respond to emails and phone calls promptly, and if you have a special request they see to it that you get the information you need on a timely basis. ASY was always looking for ways to legally reduce our taxes and was able to do so. In the time they worked with us, we were never audited, and our physicians were always comfortable with the confidentiality, compliance, and competence of their services. ASY staff understand business and are very detail-oriented and thorough in their work. I trust them absolutely."
John Reitzel
Martin Foot and Ankle
"We’ve been with Accounting Services of York for over 10 years. They are extremely easy to work with and very accommodating. They also do everything in a timely fashion. They are very good at explaining things that we need to do. I’ve had many offers to go elsewhere but I’ve turned them all down because the service at ASY has been so good. I completely trust them with all of my financial needs."
Joe Adams
Adams Jewelers
"Accounting Services of York is reliable and accurate. They are good people to work with─dependable, responsive, timely. They take care of us, and we feel very trusting with their work. It’s a very quick turn [with our data] but they’ve done it every time, on time. We highly recommend them."
John Schafer
Shuman Heritage Printing
"I find Accounting Services of York extremely helpful. They are professional in every sense of the word. They catch things that I miss because they are as familiar with my employees as I am and know their normal weekly deductions and pay history. They’re prompt, pleasant, and knowledgeable about taxes, and any payroll questions that I have they are right on it.

If a question comes from the IRS about any payroll taxes I give it right over to them and they handle everything─941s, W-2s─I don’t have to deal with that myself. As a church we have some unusual payroll issues such as the way pastors can use housing allowances. ASY has been very helpful, making sure that we’re following all of the legal guidelines yet also doing that in a way that is beneficial to the pastors."
Sue Cox
Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene
"Today I learned why we pay David Riggs to do our taxes. 🙂 I had been talking to Mike just the night before about how all our friends are doing their taxes on-line for FREE & yet we’re paying an accountant to do them. I thought now why should we keep doing that? Especially with money as tight as it’s been we can use every little bit we can get, y’know? Everybody says doing them on-line is so easy and it walks you through everything step-by-step & yada yada yada…. Now a particular family we know recently did their taxes on-line and recieved I think approximately $3000 back. Getting only a $1000 for each child (they have 2 like us). So when we went in today my first question was hey my friends only got $1000 back per kid, is that like a new rule or something? He explained that there are two different kinds of child tax credits or something like that. So he runs our info thru & at first we too only were getting back like $3000 (actually a little less cuz Mike’s job doesn’t take out local…grrr). And Mike and I both were like Oh my God, we’re screwed! Cuz that would be barely enough to pay off our credit cards much less all we owe on every single one of our bills cuz we’ve gotten so far behind. I’m not sure anyone is really aware of how bad off we’ve been for months & months now. 🙁 So we really needed as much back in taxes as possible get ourselves back in the black so to speak. Anyway, so he looks at our last yrs refund and says oh yeah you got a lot more back last year. So he puts in our deductions & then starts looking into all the different things there are in the complex tax system & then says Ok how about $8000+? Does that sound better? Ha-HA! Yes sir, it does. Haha so now we have what we need to pay off our back bills, our credit cards & my student loans & should have just enough left over to go visit my family in Missouri! I am blessed beyond belief & very thankful to God & to David Riggs! 🙂 He’s in York, which is a little bit of a trek for you guys up here but it’s worth the trip, he definitely earns his fee, that’s for sure!! 🙂 And he doesn’t charge anywhere near the highway robbery of places like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt. Those places should be ashamed of themselves for what they charge people! Anyway, ok I’m done my book here. Haha but I had to share that! Thanks David, you rock! 🙂"
Jenn Carter Vogel
Tax Client